BIG Koordinierung (BIG Coordination)

Fields of activities

It is the objective of BIG Coordination to develop the appropriate prevention and intervention strategies and measures against domestic violence in Berlin and ensure their quality in a sustainable manner. 

To accomplish this goal, BIG Coordination focuses on five key fields of action. By clicking on any of those five fields of activities in the menu (right or below) you find further information, download material and our contact details. In every field of activity we develop specific measures for a wide range of support services for women and their children. We engage in public relations, raise awareness and fight domestic violence as a taboo subject. Moreover, we develop trainings for professionals dealing with the issue of domestic violence.  All of our fields of activities have the following tasks in common: the coordination of existing procedures, the examination and optimization of domestic violence interventions and the mediation of conflicts or complaints that arise during individual interventions. Learn more about our work methods  Support services for women as victims of domestic violence