BIG Koordinierung (BIG Coordination)

Protective measures for migrant women

It is essential to enter into a dialogue and to cooperate with migrant communities in order to outlaw domestic violence in all of society. It is our task to improve domestic violence interventions and to resolve structural problems by facilitating cooperation between support services, authorities and victims with complex cultural identities and self-conceptions. Migrant women often have particular needs due to their cultural background or language. We make every effort to shed fears of interaction with other affected women and try to establish support systems that are easy to access from within different communities. In the same vein we engage in the establishment of various co-operations and communication channels between Berlin migrant communities.  There are various ways to address migrant women in their daily lives, e.g. art projects, theater workshops or breakfast meetings. Our close co-operation with these women ensures that joint projects and measures are realized according to their very own wishes and ideas.  In addition we try to improve the migrant women’s access to the support system for abused women. BIG offers trainings and expert knowledge for institutions, women projects and spiritual advisers to guarantee that all parties involved are sufficiently aware of the issue of domestic violence.

Coordinator: Faridah Mugrabi