BIG Koordinierung (BIG Coordination)

Interventions with perpetrators

Anti-violence-projects that work with perpetrators of domestic violence are still a rarity. However, effective protection must also analyze the perpetrators’ role in the conflict and hold them responsible for their actions. That is why we put a lot of effort into the extension and intensification of existing projects.  In order to work with the perpetrators of domestic violence successfully, an integrative cooperation model is needed.  For safety reasons programs for perpetrators should always be accompanied by counseling programs for abused women.

BIG offers further trainings for judges, public prosecutors and district attorneys where they are instructed on the importance and necessity of the implementation of perpetrator programs.  Furthermore, we cooperate with institutions and authorities that may also come into contact with perpetrators, e.g. youth welfare agencies.  

In this context we offer further trainings and educate institutions on how to approach perpetrators: all institutions that are in contact with perpetrators must react appropriately to their violent and criminal behaviour. If no sanctions are imposed or charges pressed that define violent behavior as unacceptable, the perpetrator may assume his behavior is justified.

Short-term intervention measures for perpetrators must always complement long-term perpetrator programs. Both of these programs as well as court verdicts and other legal obligations make sure that more men get the chance to reflect their own violent behavior. 

Coordinator: Stefan Beckmann