BIG Koordinierung (BIG Coordination)


It is our objective to improve the protection of abused women and to avoid further endangerment and emotional distress for the victims and their support network.

To ensure this we struggle to optimize practical interventions by analyzing weak points within the legal system and by cooperating with all institutions involved.  To improve the legal situation we promote legislative changes and examine draft laws to find if they sufficiently take vital aspects of domestic violence into account.  We pool practical expertise and pass it on to legislative institutions in the form of position papers and expert opinions. The German Protection From Violence Act (GewSchG) is a result of a legislative proposal by BIG e.V.

The law has been a milestone on the way to establish legal protection in cases of domestic violence. We intend to increase and intensify these protection measures continually.  BIG is constantly upgrading its information material and trainings for judges, public prosecutors and district attorneys. These updates are vital to prevent the trivialization and underestimation of domestic violence and contribute to an appropriate, sensitive handling of legal matters.  Last but not least we offer information on the legal situation of and the legal options for abused women. When cases of conflict occur or complaints are made we offer the affected women a detailed and professional assessment of their situation and arrange helpful contacts.

Coordinator: Wiebke Wildvang